Cae Lleci - Fire Risk Assessment

The property is fitted with Smoke alarms, both upstairs and downstairs. In addition there are also carbon monoxide detectors fitted.

The fire exits are the front door and the back door and from the lounge the patio door can be used. Upstairs the window to the double bed room is a fair escape window and the distance between the outside surface and the window cill is 3 feet 6 inches only. The window is designed to open fully to allow persons to exit and is fitted with toughened glass.

The gas boiler is maintained by British Gas under an annual contract and is inspected and serviced by them.

All furnishings and fittings meet current Furniture and Furnishing Fire and Safety regulations 1988
(amended 1993).

All electrical appliances have been subject to PAT testing by a qualified operator.

There is a fire blanket on the wall in the kitchen adjacent to the back wall in addition to a fire extinguisher. The safety notice and instructions are also labelled next to the extinguisher. There is also a first aid kit situated next to the fire blanket.

On the first floor landing there is a CO2 extinguisher and a dry powder extinguisher. Safety and user instructions are clearly labelled next to the extinguishers.

When cooking in the kitchen never leave the cooker unattended when in use and be aware of the fire extinguisher instructions prior to using the cooker.

When using either log burner please take care to ensure the doors are securely closed when lit. Do not place any combustible items on top of the burner casing or close to the fire. Ensure matches are kept in another room after use. When stoking the fire remember to open the doors slowly and ensure they are tightly shut when completed. Only logs, coal or pine cones can be burnt in the log burners.

Please note the property is classed as non smoking.

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