Cae Lleci - Living Room

This was originally the ‘best’ room in the house and was rarely used and only on very special occasions.

You will see the end of the room has a different roof level. This was once separated from the rest of the lounge and was the diary. Butter, cream and buttermilk were made here by a mixer that was powered by a waterwheel using the river.

Part of the living room, where the ceiling changes, was a creamery which churned milk to make butter. This was driven by a waterwheel connected to the river. It is hoped to restore the wheel and fit to the house in the future.

The remains of the iron from the wheel are around the farm but unfortunately the wooden parts have rotted. The current owner can remember at an early age coming into this room and playing with the levers used to run the apparatus with the result that the room was flooded with both milk and water which spread through the ground floor!

This room also has a log burner which quickly heats the room on cold nights.

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The living room has a huge patio door which opens onto a stone patio directly overlooking the River Babi (Afon Babi).

This river can be deceptive as in summer it can run fairly slow but in winter after heavy rain it can become a raging torrent which is amazing to watch.

This room has a large screen TV with Sky Q (with Sky sports) and DVD. There is a selection of DVDs available but please check the rating as some are action movies and not suitable for young children.

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