Cae Lleci - Pets

Pets are welcome and we understand they are part of the family. We do however ask that on wet days there coats are dried and feet cleaned before entering the main house. In addition owners of dogs are requested to pick up any dog mess and place it in waste bags with the main waste. We would ask that dog owners check the gardens and grounds before leaving to ensure no mess is left as the house is often used by families with young children who naturally like to explore all the nooks and crannies.

An added benefit is the ΒΌ acre paddock across the river bridge which is enclosed with a fence and stonewall all around. This has a secure gate and is suitable for dogs to be kept in if required and leaves them plenty of space to explore whilst being secure. The fence and wall is 3 foot 6 inches tall around the paddock. Useful if you want to explore town in the evening and prefer to leave your pet outdoors.

In Wales and all other areas of the UK the Countryside Code sets out what rules exist and what actions responsible pet owners should take. See Countryside Code, Wales for more details.

Please note that between 1st March and 31st July ALL dogs, irrespective of being trained or untrained should be kept on a lead whilst out of the property boundaries. Under no circumstances should dogs be let loose as they may harass farm stock. Please respect the areas surrounding the property and other people in the National Park.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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