Cae Lleci - Garden & Grounds

Originally the farm has around 130 acres with the cowshed housing 3 cows and a stable in the drive housing a cart horse. You will see a pigsty in the garden with a small entrance on the opposite side. This was the outside WC and had a seat for an adult and a seat for a child. The small doorway at the front was for geese and chickens.

From the garden you can see tiny river trout briefly before they dart under a rock. You may also see wild deer and wild mink which are nearby.

An EV Fast car charger is fitted to the exterior of the property so guests can charge their electric vehicles.

A throne has been carved out of an old Ash tree so you can be King or Queen!

A wide bridge has been placed over the river so that one can have a meal with the water flowing beneath.

A little further up the river another bridge has recently been added and behind the bridge is a small pebble beach. Take care as the rocks can become very slippery.

During the week you will often see the RAF undertaking low flying exercises through the valley. This is a spectacular sight to see.

The Snowdonia National Park is one of only 6 places in the UK which has Dark Sky status.

Light have been placed on the patio and also in the river at night to highlight the natural beauty. However, if you wish to view the stars like never before then in the electrical cupboard above the lounge window is a switch which will switch off the exterior lights. If you are lucky and there are no clouds, you will see an amazing picture of stars clearly.

Hot Tub

An 8 seater hot tub is supplied for guest use. Bath sheet towels and plastic drinkware for use in the hot tub are provided. Have a warm soak under the stars high in the mountains of Snowdonia away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Once you experience this you will not want to leave!

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cae lleci in wales, uk